About me

This is just a few words about me and what I do and maybe why.
Everyone is multi faceted and presents different aspects of their personality to different people. Not everyone wakes up in the same mood every day.

Similarly my art is also multi faceted and, depending on how I feel when I wake up in the morning, represents many different aspects of my views on life and my surroundings. Therefore, although I am stylish, I have no one “style”. I was never confined or restricted by formal teaching. I started drawing and painting when I was three years old, I haven’t stopped since and am still in love with drawing and painting.

I am still on an exploratory journey and I love creating interest in my paintings through contrast and texture. I also enjoy being slightly out of control of whatever medium or surface I am using at the time. For me this is an exciting form of experimentation which also includes using different mediums and styles to suit the subject that has inspired me. The sea, the coast and landscapes in the Highlands and moorlands fascinate me – the layers of colour and texture that nature gives us is all there when we give ourselves time to look.

My working background is one of creating paintings of a large variety of subjects in a variety of mediums and styles, as you can see from my gallery. Greeting cards and commercial work to order are also part of my portfolio.

I have exhibited in England and in Continental Europe. My paintings have been and are shown in galleries in London, the Home Counties and the West Country. My work is in private collections in the UK, Continental Europe and Japan.

Apart from painting, for over 20 years I have also taught adults to paint. I give group and private tuition in all mediums and I regularly demonstrate and lecture to art groups.

I would be delighted if you would take the time to view my gallery and your comments would be most welcome. If you wish to enquire about purchasing any of my work please contact me via this website.