Welcome Enjoy looking at the work, take your time, there is lots of paintings to see. If you have any questions at all please get in touch via the contact page.

I am really pleased to announce that I have been elected, this year 2016, a Member of The Society of Women Artist. It is a great honour to be judged and accepted by your peers the Society has many exciting and talented well known artist members.

I was born in Brighton, Sussex and spent my youth on the beach or in the country. I am an artist working in Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil pastels and a mixture of all 3. My styles and subject matter are very varied and most days I wake as someone new. I do love colour but feel that design and light and shade are what holds a good painting together.

I almost always have work for sale but I find it very hard to sell off this website as things move quickly and I really don't have time to sit at my PC and change information on a regular basis. (too busy painting!). You can commission me to paint that special piece for you, please use the contacts page if you would like to ask for more info on prices and what is available. I have priced one or two works to give you an idea of costs but don't worry about stuff like that.